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In Tune for Life works with a range of health and development partners to produce unique animation, video and music. Could we help you?

Holela' means 'careless' and was recorded in Nairobi. This animated video addresses issues surrounding the spread of HIV.

In Tune for Life is a not-for-profit project that provides creative media solutions to improve health in local communities

An animation created in Sierra Leone to help reduce the stigma of HIV and AIDS in West Africa. Nominated for best animation in the 'The Greatest Story Never Told' Awards 2008.

'Mofanana' means 'Equals' in the Malawian language Chichewa. This film addresses issues of gender equality and HIV prevention.

UK Queen of Soul Beverley Knight travelled to Malawi to visit ITFL where she saw how music is being used to change hearts and minds on the issue of HIV.

A short animation instructing people on how to produce good sputum specimens for TB diagnosis.

Aasie Wa We – MYRC
Samala – Masudie Khonje, Aliona Banda & Lyton
Titenge Udindo – Future Kings Vibrations




Successful MIEW 2016 provides boost to TB projects

MIEW (Music Industry East to West) Rides is pleased to announce the successful completion of the fifth annual MIEW ride.

220 hard miles later, after the best (and worst) the Scottish Highlands had to offer, annual fundraising in support of In Tune for Life (www.intuneforlife.org) broke the £10,000 barrier for the third year in a row.

With generous support from a fantastic group of music industry sponsors, in September 2016 a hardcore group of music industry professionals and their friends came together to make their yearly effort—now something of a pilgrimage—to raise crucial funds for In Tune for Life, a UK charity helping improve health and change lives through music and video.

With the dependable support of the ride over the past five years, In Tune for Life has been able to build its capacity to the point where the organization has been able to compete for and win a US$150,000 grant—ITFL’s biggest yet—to scale up work on the production of video material for use in health care centres across southern Africa. The first suite of these animated videos, tailored specifically to particular countries and regions, was shown in trials to have a significant effect on the quality of samples for TB testing, meaning a scale up could improve the successful diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis in some of the world’s most affected places. Meanwhile, work continues in Malawi, evaluating ITFL film material for counselling newly-diagnosed, HIV-positive mothers about their treatment; and the first phase of a project to assist treatment of latent TB at home in the NHS has just been completed.

The ITFL team, with the help of Simon Lewis of Anthem Publishing (MusicTech, Guitar & Bass), is already planning MIEW 2017 (England) and 2018 (Alpine edition).

Mark Nunn, ITFL Executive Director, added a message of thanks:

“ITFL is hugely grateful for everything our sponsors and riders do for us every year. This is not a group of pro athletes, these are people who suffer to contribute (while paradoxically enjoying themselves very much, of course). ITFL is a small organisation working in a difficult and very competitive marketplace. It’s no exaggeration to say that without the MIEW, we would struggle to make the music, film and video—and carry out the research—that benefit so many sick across the world each year.”

To find out more about MIEW Rides and join a growing community, visit the In Tune for Life website: http://intuneforlife.org/bike-ride-event/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/miewrides

Twitter: @MIEWrides

Instagram: @miewrides

If you’re interested in taking part in 2017, please let us know early! Limited to 16 core riders, MIEW2016 will take place in late September 2016, and is expected to fill up quickly. Simply contact intuneforlife@gmail.com

Interested in sponsoring this year’s riders? The site is open for donations until the end of March…


Finally, you may be wondering, why east to west?

It’s a good question. MIEW Rides would have you believe that this concept was born out of a desire to draw parallels between different cultures and philosophies across the globe. The truth is, it’s one less thing to think about when you’re trying to work out where a ride should start and finish!

MIEW 2015 Supports Rollout of HIV Counselling Film

MIEW (Music Industry East to West) Rides is pleased to announce the successful completion of the fourth annual MIEW ride, after 220 very challenging miles across southern Ireland. For two years in a row now, annual fundraising in support of In Tune for Life (www.intuneforlife.org) has broken the £10,000 barrier!

With generous support from a fantastic group of music industry sponsors, in autumn 2015 an intrepid group of music industry professionals and their friends took on a weekend of unseasonably good weather, gravel, potholes, Guinness and achievement to raise crucial funds for In Tune for Life, a UK charity helping improve health and change lives through music and video. At the same time, another group of “MIEW Spirit Riders” left the Berlin headquarters of Ableton to cover 200 hard miles from Berlin to Hamburg the same weekend—the first step to making this annual event truly global.

In Tune for Life has just completed the nine-month production phase of a partnership with the Baylor College of Medicine Children’s Foundation in Lilongwe, Malawi, using the talent of local artists to support crucial work counselling newly-diagnosed HIV positive pregnant women about their diagnosis and the treatment available to both protect them and prevent infection in their unborn babies. Malawi is home to nearly a million people living with HIV, and although medicine is free, low staff levels and the large number of patients mean that opportunities to provide critical information and counselling are lacking. ITFL helped fill the gap by developing music and video materials for clinic workers to use to supplement the counselling given after a HIV positive test result. The ITFL resources offer an alternative source information for women so they understand the process they are about to go through and, importantly, the reassurance and hope they need to understand that they are not alone. Rollout starts now and the effectiveness of these materials will be evaluated and improved from autumn 2015 into 2016.

This year, with riders’ individual sponsorship efforts boosting the support of some of the industry’s coolest companies, over £10,000 was raised to help empower artists around the world to improve the health of poor communities through music and video.

Charlotte Walker, Chair of Trustees of In Tune for Life, added a message of thanks:

“In Tune for Life are incredibly grateful for the blood, sweat and tears shed by the MIEW riders and their support teams each year. Without the sponsorship they raise ITFL would not be able to make the music and films which benefit so many people across the world each year.”

Film receives approval from Malawi Ministry of Health

Chiyembekezo – the HIV counselling film we created with the local community and health workers has now been approved by the Malawian Ministry of Health for use in health clinics in Central Malawi.

When we piloted the film with HIV positive patients, we found that critical areas of HIV PMTCT knowledge were shown to improve among a significant number of participants. The data also highlighted that participants felt encouraged and comforted by witnessing the story of a character in their position.

We are now getting ready to work with the Tingathe program at Baylor to implement the film in counselling sessions.


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