MIEW Ride 5: Scotland

September 2016

MIEW RIDES: To ride, have fun and make the world a better place.


ITFL’s annual MIEW (Music Industry East to West) Rides bring music-loving people together to do the other thing they love for the benefit of others - ride bikes!  

MIEW rides are for members or friends of the music industry and supporters of ITFL to raise money for In Tune for Life.


We’ve done five main rides so far, in England, Wales, Brittany (France), Ireland and Scotland. The concept has legs; let's see if the riders do. Support us.






21 Nov 2014 MusicTech Participate In Music Industry East to West Bike Ride

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With generous support from a number of other stellar industry sponsors, including MusicTech publisher Simon Lewis. In autumn 2014 an intrepid group of music industry professionals took on a 225-mile ride across Brittany: a weekend of sun, gravel, impact and achievement to raise crucial funds for In Tune for Life, a UK charity helping change lives through music.

In Tune for Life is currently working in a nine-month partnership with the Baylor College of Medicine Children’s Foundation in Lilongwe, Malawi, using the talent of local artists to support crucial work counselling newly-diagnosed HIV patients. Malawi is home to 910,000 people living with HIV, and although medicine is free there, because of low staff numbers and the large number of patients, nurses lack the time to provide critical information and counselling to patients. ITFL is helping fill the gap by developing music and video materials that medical staff can use to provide counselling before and after HIV testing.

Giles Orford, representative for MIEW rides, is already planning MIEW 2015 in Ireland, from Rosslare on the east coast to Bantry Bay on the west:

“I, and a number of other riders look forward to the MIEW ride each year, which has now become somewhat of an annual event. It’s great to be doing something we love, for a cause we believe in, working with a charity we know can make a difference and ever increasing sponsorship, long may it continue.”

Giles has even bigger plans for next year. “In 2015 we’ll build on the concept of MIEW Spirit Rides. We’ve got colleagues in the USA and elsewhere who can’t join us in Ireland, but they want to support ITFL. So they’ll ride with us in spirit, covering the most challenging distances they can manage over the same weekend and raising money alongside us. We’re going global!”

This year, with riders’ individual sponsorship efforts boosting the support of some of the industry’s coolest companies, over £10,000 was raised to help empower artists around the world to improve the health of poor communities through music and video.

Mark Nunn, COO of In Tune for Life, added a message of thanks:

“These are still hard times for charities, for everybody, but every year people amaze us with their support for the MIEW rides. It’s incredible the lengths they go to and the pain they’ll endure to support a good cause. Without the riders and the sponsors we wouldn’t be able to do what we do and we’re incredibly grateful. Bring on 2015!”

To find out more about MIEW Rides and join a growing community, visit thehttp://www.facebook.com/miewrides

Twitter: @MIEWrides

If you’re interested in taking part in 2015, be swift! Limited to 15 core riders, MIEW2015 will run from September 4 to September 7, 2015 and is expected to fill up quickly. Simply contact giles.orford@miew-rides.org

Interested in sponsoring this year’s riders? The site is still open for donations…


Finally, you may be wondering, why east to west?

It’s a good question. MIEW Rides would have you believe that this concept was born out of a desire to draw parallels between different cultures and philosophies across the globe. The truth is, it’s one less thing to think about when you’re trying to work out where a ride should start and finish!

21 Nov 2014 MIEW crew saddles up for 2013 bike ride

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MIEW (Music Industry East to West) Rides has announced plans for the 2013 edition of its energetic bike jaunt.

Last year, an intrepid group of music industry professionals took on a 200-mile east-to-west ride in mid-September: two days of sweat across beautiful, challenging English countryside to raise money for In Tune for Life, a UK charity helping change lives through music.

The ride was completed to schedule with casualties limited to two tyres, a control cable and a missing tooth. Through riders’ personal sponsorships and the support of a range of industry companies, nearly £10,000 was raised to help improve the health of poor communities through music and video.

This year they’ll go several thousand vertical feet better. They’re upping the ante and moving the ride to Wales to take on the Brecon Beacons on 7-8 September, as well as several other challenging aspects of the famously three-dimensional terrain.

Giles Orford for Focusrite Novation, and representative for MIEW Rides, says he is looking forward to the big weekend.

“It’s perfect. We’re showing this concept has got legs. We get to enjoy a great bike ride each year, and raise important cash to support In Tune for Life.  2012 was a great weekend, a great challenge; this is going to be a better weekend and a bigger challenge. And ultimately, we’re helping empower creative talent within communities suffering from poor health and poverty. A huge thank you to the confirmed sponsors for the 2013 MIEW Ride; Focusrite, Novation, Serato, Audio Technica, NewBay Media, Sound on Sound, Loop Masters and DJ Tech Tools.  You’ve got us off to a great start!”

In Tune for Life is hoping for similar success in 2013. COO Mark Nunn says: “These are tricky times for charities, just like they are for everyone else. But MIEW is a big day for us, something very positive to look forward to. We’re so grateful to all the sponsors and the riders on board already and we’re excited to welcome more.”

“This is really crucial to us continuing to do what we do,” he continues. “MIEW was our main source of income last year. It’s not a cliché when we say that every rider, every sponsor makes a difference. They’re absolutely crucial to our work, all of them.”

Anyone interested in taking part in 2013 (but with only five weeks to prepare!) should contact giles.orford@miew-rides.org

Twitter: @MIEWrides


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