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Skills Needed

  • Video animators and film makers, sound engineers, composers, programmers and mixers.
  • Planners and strategists and field people, community health professionals, M&E advisors and researchers.
  • Fundraisers, grant writers and anyone else who knows how to build and strengthen a small, nimble, motivated organisation.

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We are always interested in teaming up with new people - we are a voluntary organisation, and if you are keen to learn more about how we do what we do, to work with us or to commission us, please contact


Meet previous volunteers

Robert Edwards

Rob has volunteered on ITFL projects in Sierra Leone and DR Congo, Rob feels that providing dedicated young people with opportunities to use their talent to make life better for their communities, and others, is crucial work. “The music lasts forever,” Robert says; “so do the educational messages. I am very happy to support ITFL and its vision in any way I can.”

When ITFL was formalised, Robert was straight on board as the first ever Chair of Trustees. He remains ITFL’s secretary and is in charge of the accounts, making sure we fulfil all our legal and financial obligations.

Luke Whittaker

Luke was involved in ITFL’s first ever project in Sierra Leone where he volunteered 6 weeks of his time to live in Bo and work with young people to develop a music video and teach the peer educators animation techniques. The young people were completely blown away by how the animation worked having never seen it before and loved learning new techniques including how to use graphics tablets which ITFL had donated and left behind so those involved could continue to use their new skills.

Holly Le Blond

Holly began volunteering for ITFL when she was at university. She headed up social media campaigns and PR events such as the successful Tropical Beats nights which brought together African and South American bands from London in support of ITFL and two other charities – Recording Africa and K to K Radio. The opportunity to go to Karonga on the ITFL maternal health project encouraged her to pursue research in community based health communications. Now working for ITFL full time, she has recently returned from project managing the HIV Counselling film in Malawi.


We are a voluntary organisation and we rely on donations to keep going. Please do consider making a contribution. 

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