You will have seen from our website that ITFL is known for making beautiful and creative resources used to disseminate essential messages on public health or human rights issues. In reality, ITFL does so much more than that. We work with aspiring artists who are also somewhat vulnerable: young people, sex workers, disabled, HIV positive and support them to realise their dreams by recording their music, showing them filming techniques, helping them understand the art of sound recording or giving them the skills to make animations.
Our first project in Sierra Leone saw the out-of-school youth we worked with change in the eyes of their communities – before the project they were seen as unemployed ‘useless’ youths but working with ITFL gave them credibility within their communities and, it sounds cheesy but, we literally saw them standing taller, dressing better, taking more responsibility, finally having something to feel proud about and to say they had achieved. After that project many of the youth went back to school or got apprenticeships as a result of their new-found confidence and belief in themselves.
So yes, a donation might go to something boring like hiring equipment, it will not ‘buy a goat’ or ‘feed a starving infant’ but it will go towards something that will change the lives of some of life’s more vulnerable beings whilst spreading culturally appropriate messages to benefit communities of the most at-risk people in our world today.
Please give generously.
Thank you from ITFL and all who sails with her!
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