Who we are

In Tune for Life is a not-for-profit project that provides creative media solutions to improve health in local communities.

We produce high quality, professional and unique Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) resources at low cost. We work with local communities to build their capacity whilst producing resources. Our model of conducting comprehensive research into the local context of health issues and dynamic of target populations ensures our tools are culturally resonant and visually appropriate. These materials then become free resources in communities and countries of origin.

Lucy Campbell


Manager of the the research department at Kings College Hospital in London, Lucy is mainly interested in the poor health outcomes associated with late presentation of HIV positive patients, gaps in care, and poor HIV drug adherence. Her experience working in South London clinics suggests that the UK HIV care sector needs new and fresh approaches to hard-to-reach groups.

Robert Edwards


Robert is a chartered accountant, specialising in international corporate tax at KPMG.  Having volunteered on ITFL projects in Sierra Leone and DR Congo, Rob feels that providing dedicated young people with opportunities to use their talent to make life better for their communities, and others, is crucial work. “The music lasts forever,” Robert says; “so do the educational messages”.

Kate Welch


Kate is committed to improving the lives of people living with or affected by HIV. Now a freelance consultant, Kate has wide ranging experience in developing concept notes to mobilise resources from institutional donors, and in conducting research and undertaking evaluations for a variety of clients including: CAFOD, Comic Relief and the International HIV/AIDS Alliance.

Ray Sylvester


Passionate about individual purpose and the translation of its value to others, Ray became involved in ITFL in 2010 and was a big part of consolidating the organisation into its current form. Full of ideas about the future for the benefit both of ITFL and of his university students, Ray understands the importance of a good story and is dedicated to helping us write one.

Tim Johnston


With a strong commitment to social justice, Tim has been involved with several different charities over the years and is excited by the lasting legacy created by ITFL’s work. He says, ‘As long as they don’t ask me to write, sing, record or produce the music, I’ll be there’.

Sabine Rakotomalala


Sabine is a child psychologist who has been working for UN agencies and NGOs for over a decade. She travels widely in her work, from Brazil and Mozambique to Sri Lanka and Lebanon. Sabine works closely with a number of agencies at the global level and local communities at the field level, and identifies possible linkages between ITFL and existing initiatives.

Charlotte Walker

Chair of Trustees

Charlotte (Charlie) pulled together In Tune for Life’s first project, when she was working on Christian Aid’s HIV programme in Sierra Leone in 2007. Without her vision and energy, ITFL would never have happened. Fluent in Krio, Charlie has since spent time as an International Consultant on projects across the globe. In 2014-2015 Charlie spent six months in Sierra Leone managing a £9.25million DFID fund.

Holly Le Blond

Project Manager

Holly is passionate about transferring her skills of marketing learnt in the UK music industry towards the use of media in health promotion in developing countries. Now a full time project manager for ITFL,  Holly focuses on the use of the community in ITFL projects and headed up the most recent Malawi project – the Chiyembekezo Pre-Art counselling film.

Mark Nunn


Mark was one of the small team that founded ITFL and has been a constant presence since that first project. He has a studio background to complement 15 years independent work in the not-for-profit sector for NGOs, UN bodies, think tanks, academic institutions and corporate clients. Outside ITFL his focus areas have included HIV prevention, health security, and the improvement of community relations in the natural resources industries.

Joe Herrman

Technical Director

An audio engineer by trade, born in London and raised in Colombia and Germany, Joe is driven by the opportunity to help people address obstacles through music. Joe leads the international NGO Music Crossroads which provides formal music education to young talented people in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Luke Whittaker


Luke Whittaker is a BAFTA winning animator and games designer who runs the independent games company State of Play in London.  He worked on ITFL’s first project in Sierra Leone, working with a community group to create animations from their stories, teaching them animation and storytelling skills they could continue to use.

Jason Air


Jason’s focus on production began after a DJ gig one night.  Now a freelance producer, Jason is motivated by ITFL because “it’s positive, educational, a call to action for change and love for fellow human beings. Music can be used for everything, but this project is by far one of the most powerful and meaningful I have had the honour to be involved with.”

Winnie Ssanyu Sseruma


Winnie Sseruma is an HIV researcher and activist and Advocacy and Networks Officer for Christian Aid. Winnie has been living with HIV since November 1988, and in that time has become well known as an inspiring thinker and speaker on HIV and living positively.  She also started a breakfast centre in Uganda that looks after nearly 200 children living in grinding poverty under the organisationBridging a Gap Community Initiative.

Giles Orford


Having spent his entire working life in the music making industry, Giles has become seriously connected. As the Marketing Director for Focusrite and Novation, two of the most respected British brands in the industry, Giles is blessed to have long standing relationships with many of the movers and shakers. This made ‘Record for Life’ possible. The rest, as they say, is history.

Qabaniso Malewezi


Alongside his professional studio activities, Q works hard throughout Malawi to engage young people in different artistic projects. A graduate of the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts and for five years a professional producer for chat-topping acts in the UK, Q returned to his country of birth a few years ago with the goal of making an impact back at home. Without Q, our work – in Malawi particularly – would be a shadow of what it is.

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