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In Tune for Life listens to the voices of communities and turns up the volume. We do this by producing high quality, professional and unique Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) resources at low cost. ITFL always works with local communities and building their capacity whilst producing the resources to ensure we are giving back to the communities with whom we work. ITFL are keen to try new things and expand our portfolio. Currently our services include:
  • Recording, editing and mastering songs
  • Animation including voice overs and a variety of styles
  • Film documentaries and drama
  • Project management involving gathering insights from communities, development of stories or songs, full recording, editing and mastering of resources and advising on monitoring and evaluation
ITFL is looking to be hired by partners who can use our services to disseminate essential messages to vulnerable communities and make a difference. In return we ask that our partners commit to facilitating the dissemination of resources and work with us to monitor the impact of those resources on the target communities. ITFL are always looking to develop new and exciting resources so if you need innovative and impactful communications materials please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Here are ways you can get in touch with us: intuneforlife@gmail.com

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