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Sometimes the best way to understand the impact of a project is from the voices of those people involved, the artists who have directly benefitted from working with ITFL on a project. Click here to see the full statements from some of our wonderful artists. Here are a few of our favourite snippets:

Coulson, Sierra Leone 2007
“The coolest thing happened the other day…… Alhaji said “Wait! That’s our song! Where is it coming from?” “From that radio – they are playing our songs on the radio!”…..”

Jonathan, Malawi Project 2008 and 2009
“…..The experience of working with ITFL was wonderful in the sense that the people who came to record us, were friendly, so I didn’t just benefit in informing my community but also friendship with these guys….”

Kwame, Kenya Project 2010
“Working with ITFL was a turning point as far music is concerned… they were inspiring and encouraging. Though we did not have much time to get to know each other well, we clicked so well and within those short hours that we spent, the song “Holela” was born. ‘Holela’ has done so well that countrywide and has received massive airplay in most of our local radio stations, and especially Getto Radio 89.5 Fm which made it a daily anthem as a way to educate their youthful audience.”

G-Master, Kenya Project 2010
“I learned to play Obokano at the age of ten in Nyamira County in Kisii, South Western Kenya. It was not allowed for me to play when I was going to school. After high school, I decided with my friends that we can make Obokano and start a troupe in 2004. I left for Nairobi the same year and started my professional career in music….”

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