Majuto – Kenya



An eclectic mix of styles, Majuto – recorded entirely in Nairobi in September 2010 – marked a bit of a departure in terms of approach. For the first time, some of the tracks featured instrumentation and beats from ITFL’s UK staff, resulting in even more of a stylistic melting pot than usual!

Naturally, such a teeming, creative, cosmopolitan city as Nairobi had no problem taking everything in its stride…


Ngagokania - Masese
Be Strong - M-ricks, Nyach, The Addvoket, Kay & Pepe Haze
Unbreakable (back again) - Cynthia (track by Jason Air)
A Prayer - Under Construction
Tuliza - Foreman & Sammy Chizi
Buying Lies - The Addvoket (music by The Addvoket and John Mark)
Kusema sema - Banku Afrika
Zaidi Ya Maneno - Joseph Kaberi (music by Joe Herrmann)
Haki Za Watoto - Kioko (music by Jason Air and Joe Herrmann)
Nina Maana - Radi (music by Joe Herrmann)
Holela - Kwame feat. Nyach (music by John Mark)


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