Titenge Udindo 1 – Malawi



Our second project, recorded in 2009. Titenge Udindo, which means ‘take responsibility’ in Chichewa, benefited from the effort and goodwill of some of Malawi’s most exciting undiscovered talent. It was the start of a great relationship with Malawi’s artistic community, too, laying the groundwork for two further albums, two videos, the recruitment of a new trustee and the building of a studio in partnership with Music Crossroads Malawi.


Samala - Masudie Khonje, Aliona Banda & Lyton
Vikulyachi - Masudie Khonje, Aliona Banda & Lyton
Wali-Waliyose - Jonathan Tembo
Tiyeni Ku VCT Centre - Ekwendeni Youth Resource Centre Band
Tipewe - Martha Mituka, Aliona Banda & Lyton
Sovera - Kula Band
Samala - Masudie Khonje, Aliona Banda & Lyton
Anawaa - Helen Maulidi
Adalitseni - Abigail Malipande, Maurice Chapola, Chipiliro Campeni & Q Malewezi
Simafuna Nkondo - Body, Mind & Soul
Ndidziwa - Mbalinga Feat Masudie Khonje
Tisasalane - Future Kings Vibrations
Tisamale - ABC Group


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