Titenge Udindo 2: HIV is not a crime



Our third project, recorded in early 2010. A follow up to Titenge Udindo (which means ‘take responsibility’ in Chichewa), TU2 allowed us to reach out through the networks and partnerships we had begun to form the previous year, to discover more and more of the fantastic reservoir of talent latent in Malawi.

The album is named after the first track, a powerful response to a proposed HIV Bill that threatened to worsen Malawi’s vulnerability to HIV. In particular, the draft Bill provisions criminalizing HIV transmission and enforcing mandatory testing, which not only violates human rights, but is extremely expensive, diverting limited HIV resources from prevention measures that deal with the underlying causes of the epidemic.


Ndifwenge - Konga Vibes
Kuzenge leza - Konkalaz
Ukayezetse - Masudie Khonjie & Aliona Bansa
Ndinthawi Inalembedwa - Mtendere Band
Langizo Langa - Beck Khan
Musachite Nkhaza - Rudo Chackwera, Luckson Chazima & William Chinsinga
Moyo Waulele - Dice Mabuleki
There's a way out - Daughters Band
HIV is not a crime - Cyclone, Masudie Khonje, Gwamba & Brian Nkhata aka God's Fav
Dear Son - Qabaniso Malewezi feat. Rudo Chackwera & Lemekeza Phiri


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