Tuberculosis – Sputum Animation



In Tune for Life in partnership with Interactive Research & Development (IRD) was asked to design and animate a series of instructional videos to help patients produce adequate sputum samples for tuberculosis (TB) diagnosis. When getting tested for TB, many patients produce saliva instead of sputum. This could lead to TB remaining undetected, resulting in illness or even death, and increasing the risk of spreading the bacteria throughout communities.

Our brief included a few extra challenges: the video may be shown in a variety of environments, from clinic waiting rooms to rural door-to-door visits, for viewing on computer screens as well as tablets and phones. Our materials therefore needed to be clear but versatile.

In some cases, patients may not be able to hear or understand the audio instructions, so we set ourselves the challenge of ensuring the instructions were clear enough visually to be understood even without sound.

A randomised controlled trial (see M&E page) in Tanzania tested the Swahili animation and showed a statistically significant improvement in quality of sputum samples. We subsequently received a grant from TB REACH to expand our sputum animation to over 10 countries in Southern Africa. This exciting development means the video alongside accompanying print materials will be available in over 20 languages for use in government clinics and NGO facilities.

All animations developed to date are available on Vimeo.




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