Tuberculosis – Sputum Animation

This animated instructional video is designed to help people produce good sputum specimens for TB diagnosis.

Chiyembekezo – Malawi

Meaning ‘hope’ in Chichewa, Chiyembekezo is a Pre-ART counselling film in collaboration with local communities, for use in health facilities in central Malawi.

Future King Vibrations – Malawi

A maternal health music project in partnership with Christian Aid, creating an album of vital health messages in Karonga, northern Malawi. Music by Future Kings Vibrations.

Titenge Udindo 3: Sankha Moyo

Sankha Moyo gave us a chance to reach out again to Malawi’s music community, at the same time as we built and equipped the Record for Life Studio.

MYRC: HIV e-dae-o – Sierra Leone

A talented group of young people in Sierra Leone produced an album on HIV and stigma with ITFL help.

Majuto – Kenya

Majuto – recorded entirely in Nairobi in September 2010 contains a number of health related themes including Malaria.

SAVE – DR Congo

SAVE was recorded in late 2009 with Océan Clef de Fa, a band of young musicians studying in Kinshasa.

Titenge Udindo 2: HIV is not a crime

The album is named for the first track, a powerful response to a proposed HIV Bill that threatened to worsen Malawi’s vulnerability to HIV.

Titenge Udindo 1 – Malawi

Our first project in Malawi – Titenge Udindo means ‘take responsibility’ in Chichewa.

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