Record for Life Studio


As ITFL's recording projects gathered momentum, the UK music recording community began to express an interest in getting on board. So we designed and piloted a new set of projects: Record for Life (RFL) packs.

The Record for Life initiative, sponsored by some of the world’s finest manufacturers of studio equipment, is meant to ensure that musicians who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to record can continue to do so, on a permanent basis, after ITFL's in-country recording work is over.

These arrangements are governed by monitoring and usage agreements between local organisations partnering with ITFL, to ensure the project is as sustainable as possible.

In this way, local communities can continue producing music, radio drama and other audio material after ITFL's field work is complete.

Record for Life Studio 1

The world's first Record for Life studio opened in Area 23, Lilongwe, Malawi, in March 2011. Much of the album Sankha Moyo was recorded there.

RFL Studio 1 is run jointly with Christian Aid Malawi and Music Crossroads Malawi (MCM). The mission of MCM is to provide Malawi’s youth with opportunities to realise their full musical potential through activities including seminars, lectures and courses. With Record for Life, that list now includes studio time and training.

The equipment in RFL Studio 1 was donated by Focusrite Audio Engineering Ltd., Avid, KRK systems, Novation, SE Microphones, and Studiospares London.

Because of them, local communities will have the means to continue producing music, radio drama and other audio material for many years.  



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